Jen & Ryan’s Dream Geek Wedding at The Jim Henson Company Lot

Jim Henson Studio Geek Wedding - Rebel Belle Weddings

Monday, February 10, 2014

After attempting to pen this blog post several times without making any progress, I have now come to terms with the fact that I just don’t know how to even BEGIN telling you about Jen and Ryan’s wedding. You may remember their Save The Date from our previous post.

Geek Wedding Save The Dates - Rebel Belle Weddings

That was just a hint of things to come in the actual wedding. That day…the day I want to tell you about…there was Just. So. Much. SOOOO much good stuff! I’m honestly at a loss. Probably because I’m a geek, and this particular wedding is bursting with so many incredible details from so many fandoms that all I want to do is that thing that we geeks do when we get excited: Scream, and shout, and OMGOMGOMG share the love with other geeks. Like this:


Dark Crystal Skeksis at Jim Henson Studios - Rebel Belle Weddings


Using the Force on their Star Wars Wedding Stormtroopers - Rebel Belle Weddings


“Only Hope” Bride & R2D2 Star Wars Wedding - Rebel Belle Weddings

You see? You see how this is going?!? I’m not kidding. This whole post is rapidly going to devolve into a mess of crazy fangirl sqeeing about the fact that there was a FLIPPING USS ENTER-PIES Star Trek pie stand!!!

Star Trek USS Enterprise turned Enter-PIES Pie Stand - Rebel Belle Weddings

So I’d better dial it back a bit and try…just try…to tell you a story about one of the coolest couples a nerdy wedding planner could ever hope to geek out with.

Mission Matrimony - Achievement Unlocked! Rebel Belle Weddings

Jen & Ryan. What a couple! As bonded in their love for each other as they are in their mega-fandom, which they worked hard, so incredibly hard, at incorporating into their wedding. First up, they wanted to make sure they chose a venue that held some type of connection, meaning and special resonance for them. And they found it. What better place to host a wedding-slash-ode to geek love than The Jim Henson Company Lot.

The Historic Jim Henson Company Lot - Rebel Belle Weddings

To begin, the ceremony aisle was lined with Lightsabers…

Star Wars Lightsaber wedding aisle decor

…which were ultimate hoisted by designated Jedi Masters…

Star Wars Wedding Jedi Master Reserved Sign - Rebel Belle Weddings

 …to form a rather appropriate recessional archway.

Star Wars Wedding Lightsaber Recessional - Rebel Belle Weddings

No strangers to continuity and detail, Jen and Ryan knew they’d need to come up with some type of through-line to incorporate their many, many themes. Enter Game of Thrones. Each fandom was transformed into a specific House (and table name), complete with an appropriate sigil.

Game of Thrones Geek Wedding House Sigils - Rebel Belle Weddings

Each table was then themed accordingly, featuring centerpieces and custom chargers handcrafted by the couple.

“House Who” Doctor Who Tardis Wedding Dinner Charger - Rebel Belle Weddings


Doctor Who Tardis Geek Wedding Centerpiece - Rebel Belle Weddings

“House Kirk” Star Trek Wedding Dinner Charger - Rebel Belle Weddings


X Men and Star Wars Geek Wedding Centerpieces - Rebel Belle Weddings

 Of course, it would be disrespectful if they failed to appropriately honor the host venue: 

House Frog Muppet Wedding Dinner Charger - Rebel Belle Weddings

Oh…and another thing. This dinner took place under both “stars” and “planets,” the latter in the form of hand painted lanterns created by the groom’s mom Juli.

Glowing “planet” lanterns. Carefully arranged to ensure no warring factions were near each other.

Finally, Jen and Ryan were careful to choose vendors who would have as much fun with these details as they did. Of course, then Henson team was automatically in. And Team Rebel Belle was kind of a given. But, let me tell you how impressed we all were with the team from Summit Event Catering who positively THREW themselves into the spirit of the night!

They made custom aprons:

“May The Forks Be With You” Star Wars geek wedding catering. - Rebel Belle Weddings

 They created custom signs to showcase Jen & Ryan’s fully themed “Breakfast for Dinner” menu:

Star Wars Wedding Themed Drink Station Featuring “Homestead Blue Milk” - Rebel Belle Weddings

“Java The Hutt” Star Wars Wedding Coffee Station - Rebel Belle Weddings

 They made sure to bring the appropriate utensils:

Star Wars Stormtrooper and his Mini Me Spatula - Rebel Belle Weddings

 But wait! There’s more! They even set up a Jedi ham carving station:

“Ham Solo” Star Wars Jedi Carving Station - Rebel Belle Weddings

Take that nerdy team, add TK6682 and Echo Rogue from the 501st, and you’ll definitely have some spectacularly fun photo ops!

Star Wars Stormtrooper Grand Entrance - Rebel Belle Weddings


Stormtroopers - not big fans of kisses.


These aren’t the spatulas we were looking for.

OK..I’m starting to feel the squees coming on again. It might be best if I stopped trying to describe and just threw a bunch of pictures at you:

Star Wars Yoda Wedding Seating Sign - Rebel Belle Weddings

Kermit The Frog Muppet Cufflinks - Rebel Belle Weddings

Groomsmen seriously rockin’ Lego boutonnieres. Rebel Belle Weddings


Captain America Lego Geeky Boutonniere - Rebel Belle Weddings

Groomsmen wanted by the Empire - Rebel Belle Weddings

House Skywalker Star Wars Wedding Table - Rebel Belle Weddings


House Palpatine Star Wars Dark Side Wedding Table - Rebel Belle Weddings

Real life R2D2 in every glorious detail! - Rebel Belle Weddings

And with that, it’s time to bring this love fest to a close. It is with my deepest gratitude that I thank Jen & Ryan for allowing the Rebel Belle team to join them on this journey. From the planning meetings to the day itself, we had nothing but fun the whole way through. We love you guys and wish you a long lifetime together filled with the bestest, geekiest, silliest, fun-filled nerdy happiness! And in the tradition of my personal favorite fandom, I’m going to end this post by exclaiming: “Qapla’!”


Want more? Check out Jen & Ryan’s geektastic wedding highlight video!


All Photography and Videography by Juice Box Media

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