About the RB Team

Who We Are. What We Do. And Why We Do It!

RS_small headerGirlWelcome to Rebel Belle Headquarters. My name is Laura and I am the Owner, Operator, and Chief Geek Behind the Curtain. I created and designed Rebel Belle to support and assist people who dream of experiencing the types of celebrations they’ve envisioned with a minimum of hassle and a maximum of fun. Together with my team of hand-picked vendors and wedding day assistants, we are all about your vision for your day and how we can help bring what you see in your imagination to life!

Unexpectedly unique and fully immersive weddings are the main focus of Rebel Belle, and my core belief is that the “rules” of wedding planning are meant to be bent, broken or thrown out completely. The event pros I’ve chosen to work closely with feel the same: That, in the end, it’s really up to you – not the wedding industry or blogs – as to what defines a spectacular wedding day. Thanks in large part to this philosophy, my team and I have had some amazing experiences ranging from sweet, simple, handcrafted desert ceremonies to celebrity studded events to full blown fandom themed extravaganzas! No matter the style, my hands-down favorite moment is the look on a client’s face when something that began as an idea has become a reality before their eyes. My team and I work hard, laugh hard, and many of our clients become lifelong friends.

Examples of my work can be found in two distinctly different galleries:  The Rebel Gallery showcases the most avant-garde events while The Belle Gallery focuses on a lushly stylish, artistic side. You can follow The Adventures of Rebel Belle on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Then take a peek at the Services menu where you’ll find completely personalized options to support you, inspire you and help you create a celebration that is uniquely you and stress free!